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Washington Elementary School Foundation proudly sponsors programs that engage every child in the diversity of educational and enrichment experiences that our downtown community offers, including:

Art Classes

palette_big.1171846_stdWashington Students enjoy hands-on art experiences from cultures around the world. WESF proudly funds liberal art programs to provide visual art education and hands-on art experiences.



Safety Patrol

wesf-safety-icon.29101507_stdEach year, WESF provides new safety patrol jackets and hats to all participants, who work closely with Officer Tousley to ensure the safety of all students and parents every school day. The San Diego Little Italy Association helps support the safety patrol’s effort.


 Italian Lessons

Italy_flag.29102010_stdThrough grants from the Fondazione Italia, WESF provides funding for in-class Italian lessons for students proficient in English throughout the school year.


Spanish Lessons

mexico-flag.1170840_stdWES also offers Spanish classes each week for all reading level age groups. WESF seeks to provide learning choices for all children giving them the opportunity and enthusiasm for language options.


Grade-Level Field Trips


Real-world experiences are essential to young students, both on and off campus. WESF provides funding to allow every grade to participate in field trips to locations throughout San Diego, including the Midway, the New Children’s Museum  and the San Diego Opera.


S.T.E.A.M. Garden


In 2008, the KinderGarden was founded by a group of kindergarten parents and teachers with the goal to plant, harvest and cook with garden grown fruits and vegetables. After the success of the initial harvest, the KinderGarden received funding from several community donors, including the Little Italy Association, the Mercato and the Hay Foundation.

In 2010, Washington Elementary was awarded one of two redesign initiatives sponsored by Rebuild. Rebuild’s volunteer architects created designs enabling all students to plant and harvest garden fruits and vegetables.


Ballroom Dancing

omg_music_notes_everywhere_by_nikithevampcat-d5ltedb.1165944_stdThe 4th and 5th Grade classes Ballroom Dancing (weekly). Ballroom Dance Class is a foundation for more than just dance.  This class teaches the children proper manners, how to interact socially with their peers, and a few different types of dances that are showcased at the Cotillion Dance in May.



Sports Clubs

omg_music_notes_everywhere_by_nikithevampcat-d5ltedb.1165944_stdSports clubs including soccer, Bocci.